Psychogeography (Pocket Essentials) by Merlin Coverly

While psychogeography cannot be described as a ‘science’, this relatively new field of literary exploration does involve considerable study of the human psyche as it relates to physical surroundings and the different environments that exist in different places.   It’s about as far as you can get from an ‘exact science’ and that makes it even […]

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Psycho Too by Will Self

To follow up and expand on his previous Psychogeology, Will Self teamed up with illustrator Ralph Steadman again, and together they have produced another winner with Psycho Too.  The theme of walking as a means of connecting, focusing and integrating with different people, places and things is the source of the book’s introductory essay, a […]

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Psychogeography by Will Self

The full title of this book is Psychogeography:  Disentangling the Modern Conundrum of Psyche and Place, which should give you a clue as to content, but if this is your first encounter with the concept, perhaps a bit of explanation is in order.  Psychogeography can be loosely described as the study of how geography, or […]

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